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December 2013

By God’s grace and faithfulness, 2013 was a productive year for us with more teaching opportunities than any year before. From Zeerust to Lilongwe (Malawi), Kolwezi (Democratic Republic of Congo) to Cape Town, and Pretoria to Kabwe (Zambia) we were received, encouraged and blessed.  Throughout the year we experienced God’s faithful provision, protection and guidance.  Teaching in classrooms ranged from a Bible College with data projector and white board to a mud brick church building with no electricity or windows. It has been a privilege meeting so many new people and sharing the plan and purpose of God with them, sometimes from house to house, sometimes in large church buildings, but always in the presence and awe of God.


As the year drew to an end we wrapped up the last God’s Vision God’s Mission classes in Pretoria, including a new DVD recording of the entire course which now has to be checked and edited.  During this time we also received an unexpected visit from the two pastors who work with us in Democratic Republic of Congo. They managed to spend time with many of the people who had met them while travelling with me to DRC over the last six years.  It is always such a blessing to study and discuss the Scriptures with Pastors Wycliffe and Nzika.

om students-sAt the beginning of December we returned from Zambia where we taught at the OM (Operation Mobilisation) Training Base in Kabwe during November. The missions class consisted of students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Cameroon, United States and Germany. Marlien started with the Community Health Worker Training, I followed with God’s Vision God’s Mission and then Marlien finished the term with a week of the Brewster LAMP course.


nubia-sAfter we returned from Zambia in 2012 we wrote about a mission student from Brazil who completed the Community Health Worker Training and got the vision to start a ‘Mercy House’ reaching out to mothers and children in the local township, Makululu, near Kabwe.  This year Nubia invited Marlien to visit the Mercy House and to speak to a group of women about health issues.  Amidst severe poverty and sickness, God is using the Mercy House to bring hope and healing in Makululu which is the largest shanty town in Zambia and one of the largest in Africa.

One afternoon in Kabwe town, we met a young Zambian man who greeted us with a friendly smile. Realising that we did not recognise him, he introduced himself as Chrispin and began thanking us for the classes which he had attended years ago.  He had been part of my very first class in Kabwe in 2002.  He also completed the Community Health Worker Training and LAMP course with Marlien some years later.  He explained how he had worked in the villages around Lake Tanganyika sharing the Gospel and using the Community Health teachings to assist the villagers on a daily basis.  While in Kabwe we also met an OM missionary from Zimbabwe who was on his way back to Chad.  He was one of our students in 2009 and testified in Marlien’s LAMP class of how the LAMP method had helped him learn French and now Arabic. We praise God for such feedback which is always encouraging and a great blessing. 



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