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August 2011

Dear family and friends,

The time in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo was indescribable with too many experiences and testimonies to write down!  Thank you for praying for us. Gerhard, Jean and I travelled up by bus and stopped briefly in Kabwe where we were blessed with three boxes of French Bibles to distribute in the DRC.  We continued on to Chingola in the Copper Belt where we presented the five day God’s Vision God’s Mission (GVGM) course at the Christian Centre.  This formed part of an outreach programme for a group of American students.  Once again we were blessed with two boxes of French New Testaments from the American missionaries and we continued our journey heavily laden with the printed gospel.  The GVGM class in Chingola was well received and proved to be good preparation for what lay ahead in the DRC.  Tienie then joined us, and the four of us headed by taxi to the Kasumbalesa border post (Zambia/DRC) where a delegation of Congolese pastors met us.  

Our first stop in the DRC was the mining town, Kitotwe, just north of the border.  We were immediately overwhelmed by the love, hospitality and generosity of the Congolese people.  After spending the night and ministering in a local church, we travelled to Likasi for another five day God’s Vision God’s Mission course. Sixty people, mainly pastors (some from as far as Kinshasa), attended this class which Pastor Nzika translated into Congolese Swahili.  Gerhard managed to record the entire five day course which means that we will soon distribute the Swahili course on DVD.  

During the evenings the four of us split up and ministered in various churches. Even our meal times were later spent ministering to the sick, many of whom were healed.  On the last day of the class, when we stopped for tea, a pregnant lady was waiting for prayer at the tea table.  She was gripped by fear since she had a history of several miscarriages.  After some commotion while we prayed, the fear released her and she was free.  That same day after a late communion service, Gerhard and I were rushed off to a church on the outskirts of town, while Jean and Tienie went in a different direction.  Half way through the evening the power went off and we ministered by torch light, but the power of God never goes off!  We asked the sick people to raise their hands. Then we asked how many believers were in the room. More hands were raised. I read from Mark 16:17-18 and sent the believers to lay hands on the sick.  At first they hesitated, but later as we insisted and led them through the motions, they began ministering to one another.  Three people were instantly healed and a congregation of believers went home with a renewed understanding of the kingdom, the power and the glory of God.


The following morning Jean and Tienie ministered in a village, while Gerhard and I met with a group of pastors to answer questions about heaven, earth and the kingdom of God.  As I shared with them, light began to flood into my own heart and I was learning as I spoke.  Two sick people had been waiting for us to finish and, as we ministered to them, the revelation became reality: heaven touched earth and the kingdom of God came near unto them!

We continued on our way and came to Lwambo, where we presented the third God’s Vision God’s Mission class which often continued until late at night.  Throughout the week Gerhard, Jean and Tienie visited villages and ministered in various churches.  They met the local chiefs and, on more than one occasion, returned home with live chickens for supper! Towards the end of the week we baptised 11 new believers in a river.

Throughout our trip, we spent each day from morning to evening teaching groups, preaching in churches and ministering to the sick and oppressed.  It often felt as though we were living in the book of Acts!  The gospel of the kingdom was well received and the people were excited to share what they had learned.  Just after we left, two of our hosts travelled 600 km north to teach the revelation to others. They travelled together on a motorbike loaded with a box of Bibles, GVGM notebooks, flipchart paper and their sleeping bags.  

The God’s Vision God’s Mission course is now available on DVD. The set of 10 discs contains approximately 20 hours of teaching.

For more info: +27 82 214 5914

Back in South Africa the GVGM courses continued.  Jaco, Wynand and I have been running a number of weekly classes in Pretoria, while Darryl, Catherine and Jackie presented a GVGM course to people from the deaf church in Pretoria.  In June I also presented a shortened GVGM course in Durbanville, Cape Town, and hope this is the beginning of good things to come. The weekly GVGM classes will run until end September. I will be in Lubumbashi, DRC from 24 Aug to 5 Sept for a conference and teaching. We will be in Zambia and Tanzania from 6 Oct to 28 Nov as a family where Marlien will present the Community Health Worker Training Course, as well as the Brewster’s Language Acquisition Made Practical (LAMP) course for mission students in Kabwe. I will present GVGM in Kabwe and Mpulungu (Zambia), and Mbeya (Tanzania).



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