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April 2010

Praise the Lord for His awesome goodness and grace!  In January we presented a week long God’s Vision God’s Mission getaway at the beautiful surroundings of the Deo Volente retreat north east of Pretoria. What a joy to start the year teaching the good news of Jesus Christ!  We all enjoyed wonderful hospitality with classes during the day and fellowship around the fire at night.  Some people spent the week in tents and chalets, while others drove in from town each day. We also managed to make a digital recording of this course which is in the process of being edited and will be used to help new facilitators of the course.

After this retreat, we immediately started two new God’s Vision God’s Mission (GVGM) courses, plus a third course a week later.  These courses are presented as a ten part weekly Bible study.  On Monday and Thursday nights I have been presenting the course in communes with mostly university students attending.  These are exciting classes filled with enthusiastic young people who are passionate for the Lord Jesus.  The Tuesday night course has also been a great blessing, attended by, among others, two new facilitators of the GVGM Course.  Jaco and Arno have been attending the class on Tuesday nights, and then teach their own classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings respectively.  This means that there have been five classes running in the Pretoria area since February.  Since last year we have had a desire in our hearts to see multiplication in the ministry.  We are finally starting to see it and it is exciting to hear the weekly feedback from the new facilitators.  As these first classes draw to an end, news of the course is spreading.  Another new facilitator, Tienie, will begin to present the course to two groups of students this month which means that a total of five new courses are starting up during April.  We trust the Lord for a total of ten GVGM facilitators by the end of the year.

During the last week of March I attended the World Outreach 2010 Consultation at the Africa School of Missions in Witrivier.  Missionaries, pastors and directors from various countries met together to discuss the future focus, structure and strategy of the organisation.  World Outreach is working towards having a multicultural leadership with a stronger presence of the younger generation.  The worship and ministry time was wonderful, and the opportunity to network and hear from other missionaries was also a great benefit.  I also had the privilege of taking some of the international delegates to the Kruger Park for a day. This turned out to be an unforgettable experience for us all.

Immediately after the WO Consultation I travelled to Mooinooi, near Rustenburg, to present a shortened version of the God’s Vision God’s Mission course over the Easter Weekend.  This course was arranged by the father of one of the evening class students after he noticed the change in his son’s life. Thank you, Jesus!

We praise the Lord for His grace and favour on the God’s Vision God’s Mission course. We have received so many testimonies of how people have been blessed by attending the course.  Most people say that they have a renewed hunger for the Word of God and that they understand the Bible for the first time.  I must confess that the more I teach this course the more I want to teach it.  The revelation of the Word and the presence of the Spirit of God revive me constantly, urging me on to share this truth all across the world.  Many young people also express the desire to reach out cross culturally and some of them then join us on outreach trips. 

We have two trips planned for later in the year: one to the Democratic Republic of Congo and another to Zambia.  The trip to the DRC will depart at the beginning of July and we will be mostly in Lubumbashi, teaching the course (La Vision de Dieu La Mission de Dieu) to local pastors and preaching in their congregations. Our focus will be to help them see God’s unchangeable plan and purpose, understand the finished work of the Cross, realise who they are in Christ, discover their spiritual position of authority, and know the need to reach out to the unreached with the gospel of Christ.  During October and November we will be returning to Zambia to teach the Community Health Worker Training Course, the LAMP course as well as GVGM in Kabwe.  We have also received positive feedback from the pastors in Mpulungu who have invited us to return to teach the GVGM course on the shores of Lake Tanganyika again.



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