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The Mystery February 21, 2014

Posted by Gavin Porter in Additional Thoughts.
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treasue mapThroughout the world people of every culture communicate with stories and riddles.  The more mysterious and intriguing it is, the better the story.  I suspect that most people enjoy a good mystery story.  Perhaps we are designed to solve mysteries and puzzles, but with a greater mystery in mind.


Some years ago, when my daughter Aimée was little, I decided to hide one of her Christmas presents away and make a trail of clues pointing the way to where it was hidden.  I only gave her the first clue which then sent her running off to find the second which left her puzzling over the third, until after a long while she eventually arrived at the end goal and received her gift.  It was an instant hit!  From then on the treasure hunt was almost a holiday routine.  The fun was not only in finding the prize, but also in the searching for it.


Each time I gave Aimée a treasure hunt, I walked with her.  I never told her directly where the next clue was, but my presence was enough.  She could quickly recognise my body language if she was off track.  It was such fun, watching her discover the clues, realise the answers and take another step closer to the prize.  Everything she needed was in the clues, but we had to do it together.  This is exactly how our heavenly Father guides us towards His vision.  He enjoys the treasure hunt just as much as we enjoy searching for the treasure!


It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25:2)


God is not hiding anything from us, but rather He has hidden things for us.  He has given us all the clues we need and He is present with us to guide and protect us on the journey.  He is so excited for us to find the next clue and draw closer to His ultimate purpose.


I love the analogy of a treasure hunt.  There is the treasure which is the ultimate goal (the vision) and there is a trail of clues or pathway (the mission) that leads to the prize.


If you are in Pretoria, come walk with us as we follow the clues from our Father.  God’s Vision God’s Mission classes are designed to help you understand God’s way, discover who you are in His eyes, realize that you are part of His dream and catapult you towards your destiny.



1. Absolute - February 24, 2014

Hi Gavin,

When and where is your next classes.


Danie Rousseau

Gavin Porter - February 24, 2014

Hi Danie,
I will email the details to you.
Be blessed!

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