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Life flows. If there is no flow, then there is no life. May 31, 2012

Posted by Gavin Porter in Additional Thoughts.
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Recently a friend of ours died after suffering a massive heart attack. After hearing the news, a couple of us went through to the mortuary to raise him from the dead. Unfortunately he didn’t come back, but in the process I learnt a valuable lesson.

For the human body to have life, there must be a flow of blood and a flow of oxygen. If the flow stops then there is death. For a river to sustain life it must flow. For a business to thrive there must be cash flow. If there is no flow, no movement, then it’s dead.

We as the body of Christ are meant to be full of life. We have the Spirit of life, the river of life, rivers of living water flowing from our bellies. We offer the Word of Life, the Bread of Life to a dead world.

I have been teaching about the kingdom for quite a few years and one of my favourite teachings is the flow of grace. It is a simple concept found in both old and new testaments. In Genesis 12 and Psalm 67, God promises to bless Abram and his seed, they are then to be a blessing to the nations and the nations praise and thank God. In 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, we see how God gives the church grace, we give gifts to others and they give God thanksgiving. Thus the flow of grace. From God to us, from us to the nations and from the nations back to God. God’s grace or blessing can take many shapes and forms.

Understanding the finished work of the cross, we know that by God’s grace everything in available to us in Christ. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ. Salvation, healing, provision, everything is available, but we can only get it through the exercising of our faith. All grace is available, but can only be accessed by the action of faith. As we are saved by grace through faith, so we are also healed by grace through faith. Grace is the blood, the life, that must flow and faith is the heart that pumps it to make it flow. As we step out in faith our heart begins to pump, life begins to flow.

If someone collapses and their heart stops beating, the first aider or paramedic must immediately begin with artificial respiration and heart massage to try and restore the flow of oxygen through the lungs and blood through the heart. A church or Christian that does not experience faith is more or less dead. Faith must be active to pump the grace. Unfortunately, we have many Christians who are in desperate need of a spiritual paramedic. They need someone to artificially jump start their faith. The paramedic’s work is to continue with artificial heart massage and respiration until the person’s heart begins to pump by itself.

So often we pray for revival (that life would be restored) in the church, but fail to activate our faith. Faith without action is dead. The flow of life in the church will be restored when our heart of faith starts beating again. One day ten lepers cried out to Jesus that he heal them. He instructed them to show themselves to the priests and as they went they were healed. Their healing came in their going. Often we have made plans to do mission trips without a budget for the trip, but as we go God provides. The provision is in the going. Faith is your response to God’s grace. You are meant to have life and life in abundance. Reign in life! Let it flow through you to others!



1. carolien - June 9, 2012

Hi Gavin. Dis Carolien van die Koppies.. Wat jy laas in di Kaap gesien het 🙂

Mag ek byvoeg?? Ek het onlangs oor presies dieselfde gedink. Grace by faith. Also considering that faith worketh by love. Therefore Love is the heart, working to pump the grace (blood) through faith(the venular system, the veins or tubes carrying the grace from love, to the destination.

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