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God’s Vision God’s Mission

God’s Vision God’s Mission is a 10 part series about God’s unchangeable plan and purpose from Genesis to Revelation.

God’s original vision was hidden when mankind sinned and so it became a mystery, until it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ at the cross.  Since the cross the mystery has been revealed, but many of us failed to see or understand the whole of it.  The world has seen less.

In God’s Vision God’s Mission, we use the Bible as the only handbook as we paint a three dimensional picture of God’s original and unchangeable plan and purpose.  By seeing God’s Vision and understanding His purpose, we are able to join Him and find vision and purpose for our own lives.  GVGM is about discovering God’s original intention, seeing His ultimate goal, understanding what happened at the cross, realising who we really are and then stepping into that new reality.

The ten sessions covered in the series:

1          The Mystery of the Kingdom

2          God’s Unchanging Plan and Purpose

3          Dust and Stars: Abraham’s Children, the Law and the Promises

4          The Finished Work of the Cross

5          God’s Promise to Abraham

6          God’s Vision God’s Mission – Journey to Maturity + Israel’s Journey

7          His Story + The Next Era of Missions

8          The Two Trees in the Garden of God

9          A Place for His Name

10       The Revelation of Jesus Christ

GVGM will not only help you understand the Bible, but you will stand amazed at God’s awesome plan and purpose.  You will love reading the Bible once you understand the big picture.

If you are attending one of the fulltime or parttime GVGM classes, you can download the GVGM booklet /notebook here: (Updated May 2017)

english booklet lesson 1 and 2

english booklet lesson 3 and 4

english booklet lesson 5 and 6

english booklet Statistics for lesson 7

english booklet lesson 7 and 8

english booklet lesson 9 and 10




1. Barbara - March 26, 2013

Our home cell did this course together – this was the most exciting 10 weeks of home cell. Gavin shared such powerful teachings with us and I have really been blessed. I want to do this course at least another 2 times.

2. Matthews Kaluba - September 10, 2015

The little time we spend with you on 9th September 15,Mpulungu,Zambia has left an indelible mark on my heart.I will forever be grateful to God for the great work you are doing.God bless and thanks.Hope to see you in Ndola.

3. Leon - January 25, 2016

Before I did God Vision God’s Mission I saw everything divided, there was me, God, and the rest of the world. After doing this series, the realization of what God had intended for me from the start (according to His Word), that all is one, that there is no separation between me, God and the earth we live in. That we are already living in the aftermath of the finished work of cross. And it is spectacular!

4. Muller - January 26, 2016

Personally, i think Gavin is one in only a handful of people in the world that looks at the Bible and sees the whole picture!
And the kind man that he is, guides people through the Word to understand Gods plan and vision for us!!
If your hungry for God and His truth…GVGM is a must!
Love you Gavin

5. Francis van Niekerk - January 26, 2016

Wow-i grew up on a farm in North West,RSA. I whent and study at Tuks after school and some friends invited me to this course. As a Afrikaans speaking farm boy-i was NOT OPEN too any funny church stories!!!!! BUT then I met GAVIN PORTER and did GVGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has Changed EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE and even my families lifes!!!! Then I had the Previllage of travelling with Gavin in Africa and saw GVGM Manifesting PHYSICALLY!!!!!!! INVEST IN YOUR OWN LIFE AND MAKE SURE YOU ATTEND A COURSE OR GET A SET OF DVDS!!!!!

6. Manirakiza Amon - September 3, 2016

I want to know more about the kingdom of God.

7. Manirakiza Amon - September 3, 2016

Thank you for the website now I can read many things about God s vision God Mission.

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